Hake & Calamari

Indulge in Our Signature Bay: Hake & Calamari

Embark on a culinary journey to the heart of the ocean with our Bay: Hake & Calamari, a signature dish at Copper Clover Irish Pub and Family Restaurant. Priced at just R159, this dish is a testament to our commitment to bringing you the finest flavours of the sea.

Our thick cut hake fillet, grilled to perfection, is a symphony of taste and texture. Paired with tender fried calamari strips, it’s a combination that’s hard to resist. The hake’s delicate flavour is beautifully complemented by the calamari’s subtle sweetness, creating a harmony of flavours that will delight your palate.

Each bite is enhanced by our homemade tartare sauce, a tangy delight that adds a zesty twist to the dish. And to top it all off, a squeeze of fresh lemon brings a burst of freshness, elevating the flavours to new heights.

At Copper Clover Irish Pub and Family Restaurant, we believe in creating experiences that go beyond dining. Our Bay: Hake & Calamari is not just a dish, it’s a celebration of the sea’s bounty. So come, join us, and let us take you on a gastronomic adventure you won’t forget.

Experience the sophistication, the authenticity, and the sheer delight of our Bay: Hake & Calamari. Because at Copper Clover, we’re not just serving food, we’re creating memories.

Expertly Prepared

Our skilled chefs grill the hake to perfection and fry the calamari strips until they're tender and golden.

This meticulous preparation process ensures that every bite you take is a delightful blend of textures and flavours.

Perfectly Paired

Our Bay: Hake & Calamari dish is served with a tangy tartare sauce and a fresh lemon wedge. The tartare sauce adds a creamy, tangy element that perfectly complements the seafood, while the fresh lemon adds a zesty kick that elevates the overall flavour profile of the dish.

Exceptional Value

At just R159, our Bay: Hake & Calamari dish offers exceptional value.

You get a generous serving of fresh, expertly prepared seafood, making it a meal that's not only delicious but also great value for money.

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