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Low Carb Brekkie One

Introducing Our Low Carb Brekkie One: A Symphony of Flavours, Minus the Guilt

At Copper Clover Irish Pub and Family Restaurant, we believe that a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t mean sacrificing the joy of eating. That’s why we’ve crafted our Low Carb Brekkie One, a meal that’s as delicious as it is nutritious. Priced at just R89, this breakfast delight is a testament to our commitment to providing value without compromising on taste or health.

Imagine starting your day with a plate full of perfectly cooked eggs, crispy bacon, and cheese grillers that melt in your mouth. Add to that a side of grilled mushrooms and a sprinkle of feta, and you’ve got a breakfast that’s not just low in carbs, but high in satisfaction. It’s a meal that’s designed to keep you fuelled and focused, without the mid-morning crash that comes with carb-heavy breakfasts.

At Copper Clover, we’re more than just a restaurant. We’re a place where families come together, where friends catch up, and where memories are made. We’re proud to serve meals that contribute to your health and happiness, and we can’t wait for you to try our Low Carb Brekkie One. It’s more than just a meal – it’s a celebration of good food and good health.

So why wait? Come down to Copper Clover Irish Pub and Family Restaurant in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and experience the delight of healthy indulgence. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Health-Conscious Indulgence

Our Low Carb Brekkie One is a perfect blend of taste and health. It's a low-carb meal that doesn't compromise on flavor.

With 2 eggs, bacon, 2 cheese grillers, grilled mushrooms, and feta, it's a hearty breakfast that keeps you satisfied without the guilt of high carbs.

It's a meal that caters to your health needs while satisfying your taste buds.

High-Quality Ingredients

At Copper Clover Irish Pub and Family Restaurant, we believe in using only the best ingredients. Our Low Carb Brekkie One is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients that are locally sourced. The eggs are farm-fresh, the bacon is perfectly smoked, the cheese grillers are made from the finest cheese, and the mushrooms are freshly grilled to perfection. The feta adds a tangy twist to the meal, making it a delightful experience for your palate.

Authentic Irish Experience

Our Low Carb Brekkie One is not just a meal, it's an experience.

At Copper Clover Irish Pub and Family Restaurant, we bring you an authentic Irish experience right here in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

The meal is prepared with traditional Irish cooking methods, giving you a taste of Ireland with every bite.

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